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Hello Freight World.  


Every now and then we all have questions in this crazy world of freight.


My name is Amanda and I am delighted to be apart of the So Overjoyed Transportation team.  I am a virtual assistant, designed to help your business grow by offering trasnportation solutions to your shipping questions. 


Read my blog below and feel free to comment.  One thing about me is that I don't too much hold back my opinion and will give it to you straight, which, I feel may be missing in this freight world.  My services are simply here to help and hopefully provide you value.  

Happy Reading!!!

Oh, by the way many people read "Ask Amanda" or come to our site just to check out the latest and greatest- drop us a line just say you came by- or anything, we love the feedback!


Amada :-) 

If in a room and asked, “Would you like your child to grow up and work as a truck driver?” would your hand go up in affirmation or stay down with higher hopes and dreams for your youngling?


Well, in a recent study among current truck drivers when the question was asked, very few raised their hands.  Let’s face it, truck driving does not have that “cool” appeal to it.  The millennial generation is not anxious and breaking the doors down of CDL schools.  Why is this?


In the 50’s and 60’s there was pride in truck driving.  Everyone was happy to know a truck driver.  It was the age of CB’s and it was cool!  But the trucking industry has since lost that appeal; there are many speculations and statistics as to why, but no answers to getting it back.


We need trucking to be “Cool” once again.  Why?  Because over 75% of Americas freight is moved by truck every year in one capacity or another.  When product comes from the port or goes to the port, we need dependable truck drivers to get it to the proper destinations on time, safely and in order. 


The average age entrant age of a truck driver into the industry is in his mid-40’s and possibly looking at a second career.  Noticed I said his.  Only 5-7% of the driver population is made up of women.  And nearly 60% of drivers are in their mid 40’s while there is a decline in the rate of 26-35 year olds entering the field. 


This is simple math.  If no new blood is coming in the industry and the older blood is gets closer and closer to retirement, where does that leave us as shippers?  It leads to higher rates, tighter capacity and an entire slough of other problems. We can not wait until it happens to begin to look at the driver shortage issue.  We can’t wait until it hits our docks and warehouses.  Anyone that plays a role in shipping has to begin to read and stay up to date on the driver shortage situation.  Think what can we do to make the industry more desirable; there are some good people making great livings by driving and owning trucking companies.


I would be the first to say, sure the industry has lagged behind in the face of change, but things are beginning to shift with the new technology era in trucking and everyone understands the need for new drivers and the outstretch of hands to the new generation.  Carriers are paying higher salaries, providing more local runs, and asking shippers to be more cordial to drivers and work on adhering to loading and unloading time requirements.  


I have always said that trucking is the back bone of the American Economy. Everything hits a truck in one way or another.  We need drivers and we need this segment of the economy not to be the second chance at life and happiness, but the first step toward a prosperous future and goal achievement.  


I have asked myself what I can do to help with the shortage on a personal level.  When I see younger people I tell them about the industry with no intentions to recruit or to persuade, but just to check it out, just as any other career option.  Anyway I can play apart in stopping an American Crisis.  I want to do my part.



Help before real help is needed.


Amanda :-D






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Good Morning Freight World,

Well Freight World everybody is saying the same thing everywhere I turn, (just between us I have been pushing it for years :-) Anywho, the buzz in the freight world right now is "Technology for 2015”.  I have been an advocate for technology in the freight world for along time.  Oh, if only I were rich with money to invest or tons of investors at my disposal...they would be rich, and perhaps, I could be sipping an Apple Sangria on some beach rather than being in the cold-cold Midwest right now.  Why and How? 

Glad you asked.  Freight is behind the game and has been for awhile as for interjecting technological measures.  Not sure why, but other business sectors rapidly pass us on technical advances.  It’s as if we are scared or no innovative.  Creative minds are in the industry.  Funny how the shipping process gets skipped over, yet all the fancy things that we have grown to love and accustom to in our lives must be shipped every day in order to make it in the stores so we can have the newest and greatest and latest.

Makes you think, right?  Yet, in our industry we come short in this area, rather it be drivers, shippers, warehousing, brokers, or whomever, there are so many things that could be automated.   So many ways technology could help for, instance, tracking systems.  

As a shipper, are you tracking your shipments?  Do you know where they are at at any given time?  if it is temperature regulated do you have the ability to monitor the temperature?  Or do you just put the shipment in the carrier's hands, blindly trusting them with your product, and in most cases with your livelihood?  Do you know the drivers name?  Do you know the actual trucking company on your load?  What due diligence have you done to assure your product is in good hands and more importantly, in the right hands?

Or do you have so many loads to move you've just kind of taken it for granted?  Is your tracking system someone sending you a morning email or do you have true interaction with your freight?  The list goes on and on with technology in our industry.  How many of us are using a TMS (transportation management system)?   Would it be effective for you?  Are you tracking your rates?  Do we built in rate indexes and gas mileage or again are we counting on a voice over the phone to keep us updated on fluctuations?

I am not a stock broker, but if you have some extra income and looking for a way to invest your money, look at shipping companies, so many new things are on the horizon this year. With the economy on the upswing someone has to move all this product being manufactured, bought and sold. Then we have to have genius minds to provide support and innovation to the industry making everyone's job easier and more effcient.

As an example, our company is rolling out FR8Connect early this year and folks are pre-registering now for free.  It is an online load board in which shippers can interact directly with carriers and vice versa.  You may not understand the value of this but it is great, great, great when you can work with a carrier direct or driver direct.  Both the shipper and carrier would experience better rates, coverage  of loads and trucks, improved relationships between carrier, shippers and customers.  This impacts the bottomline for all involved. 

This is new to the industry and will change the game of transportation.  Luckily we have some people with innovation and determination.   They saw a hurt in the industry and got together to make something happen.   This is how big things start off.  All it takes is for a few people to come together to address the need and then life changing events occur that shake up the industry and the process.  Not to toot our horn too loud, but this is what our company is doing right now.  

If you want to be apart of the technology boom in 2015 join FR8Connect and pre-register for our load-board, do it now!  our pre-registration gets you a free 10-day trial period to post and search for direct carriers to haul your freight…Okay so in Shipper terms that means start saving money, time and energy for your freight projects starting in April 2015!

If you have any freight questions, comments or anything at all in relation to freight, let me know.  I am here to help you completely free of charge.  This is what I do and I love it!

Happy Freight Friday!



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Happy Valentine's Day Freight World!

"You take the good, you take the bad and there you have it, ______ of_______?"

Can anyone fill in the blanks??? 


Oh sure my 1980's kids can remember Blair, Tootie and Joe in "The Facts of Life!"

It was a show about a group of young ladies and their lives at a boarding school.  Cute show!  Anywho, what on earth does that have to do with trucking, right?


Well, the fact is this...there is a strike going on at the Los Angeles Port and it is making life for many difficlut.  It appears the port drayage drivers' and the shippers' management companies could not come to an agreement on pay and classification. Because of the lack of agreement, loads have been caught up in a massive back up at the port. 


The sad thing is while these sides are in dispute, businesses nationwide are suffering.   Some companies have to pay astronomical amounts for thier product to be held at the ports because drayage drivers are either behind or not driving.


While import and export businesses are suffering due to the cost for the long periods of containers being held, just as the supply chain works, it affects other elements.  Perhaps your dock is backed up because their is no room at the port to take your shipment.  Or drivers have been late with your freight because they have been tied up with an export or import shipment rather it be directly or indirectly. 


This whole scenario is what it looks like at the ports right now in California... A MESS!  I know of a customer who could had to change her entire route from overseas because she could no longer deal with the delays and mounting fees caused by the congestion at the port.  So tell me freight world is this port crisis affecting you?


What do you think should be done?  I mean the Teamsters Unions is fighting for more money for the port drivers’ and employee status rather than as contract workers while the shipping management side is saying the union is being unrealistic with some of their requests.  As this tug continues to pull and tug, we as America are smack dead in the middle losing money, losing business, losing clients and just suffering until they can come to a harmonious outcome and fix.  


So this Sweethearts Day my question to you is..How do you make everybody happy?  How do you bring LOVE to the port so differences can be settled and we can move forward? I would LOOOOVE to hear from you :-) 


Have a great Valentine's Day~~~ stay sweet Freighties and Pre-Register for Fr8Connect if you have not yet all ready.  It is anticipated to roll out in April 2015!



Love You Like Cupid!

Amanda :-)


Fax: 913-440-0728 


(If you would like to be removed from my email  list please just click reply and let me know- thanks :-) 


"I am excited for you and eagerly anticipating the development of your load board with the special niche target market of Carriers and Shippers.  The service is much needed and ABSOLUTELY desired by the carriers.  They will so welcome the service.”  

Jason Allen -Director of Member Services at the National Minority Truckers Association on FR8Connect


Happy Wednesday Freight World! 


So there we have it!  The football season has come to an end.  It seems like just yesterday, there I was, cheering on my Kansas City Chiefs.  However, my cheers were overshadowed by the memories of our KC Royals vying for the World Series crown :-)


Life is good here in KC.  It seems we are finally getting on the map.  I believe Andy Reid will bring it home for us next year, I hope!  Did you go for Brady "The Deflater" & The Patriots? 

If yes, congrats to you ~ I went for youth this year with Wilson, but it let me down-- :-(  Anywhooo ~~


So remember when I told you all about our new online service called FR8Connect (that is pronounced:  freight-connect) that will hook carriers up directly with shippers and vice versa.  Well, I just wanted to inform you all that we have been intensely working on getting FR8Connect to market with an anticipated roll out of around April.  FR8Connect will be a REAL website that will give you, the shippers, and the carriers and opportunity to connect directly.  This will provide so many benefits to both sides, such as, an existing shipper/carrier relationship.  The truth is that the carriers want to meet you.  They want to build a direct relationship with you.  


Everyone in this industry have been so deprived of the needed connections that, according to a recent survey, carriers think that shippers are leaving product on their docks resulting in it being moved in delay or not moved at all.


Truck capacity is tight right now due to a driver shortage in the industry, and the "middle" money is not making things any easier.  What can you do?


(See me at for the rest of this article.)


Well, every twenty years marks a new generation with a new way of dong things resulting in good old fashion 'change'.  In 1995 the trucking industry was introduced to the Internet causing some people to be excited and others to be confused, although, the union ultimately gave birth to online freight brokering.  This had dramatically changed and improved the way brokers and carriers conducted business.


Now, a new generation is here and FR8Connect is preparing to lead the way with a solution to tight capacity and high freight rate.  It's a solution to making the freight world a better place!


The wave of the future is FR8Connect, here to provide you with a simple, reliable and sensible way to cover your loads and trucks.  So allow our office to train and get you ready to move forward into the future with excitement and confidence about hauling freight!  


With this solution coming to the market, a little bit of educating and training might be need to get you ready for this exciting time.  For instance, if you have never worked with a carrier direct, you may not understand the ease of logistics in this process.  Perhaps the unknown can be fearful in not knowing and implementing something different.  


However, take it from me that it is sooooo worth figuring it out because your company could save anywhere from 20-40%.  In some cases maybe even more simply by working directly with the carrier using FR8Connect.  


I could go on and on about how FR8Connect will be of great value to you.  Instead of that, give us a call since everyone's situation is different and we can let you know just how FR8Connect can help.   You can be at the forefront of leading this wave of change in this new generation.  Because whether you are ready or not, change is on its way and FR8Connect can help put you in position to win now and tomorrow!


To assure we keep you posted of our progress and to guarantee you an opportunity to be one of the first to try Pre-Register today at!  We have a large network of carriers excited and ready to move your freight.  So be sure to join the party!  The more the merrier.  Stay (FR8)connected!


Who knows, we might even have a nice gift for you at our launch party.  Have a great rest of the week~~ talk to you soon :-) 


P.S - what are your thoughts on going carrier direct?





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  • Tina (Thursday, February 05 15 09:07 am EST)

    Amanda, I think going carrier direct makes sense I just don't know how to get the carriers. Do I google search carriers in my area? Not sure what to do... But I could see the impact it would have on
    my company.

    Thanks for sharing!


Thank you very much for your input! I too know the feeling of google searching to look for Motor Carriers only to find an old list or trucking companies that are not a match for your company or not in the area you need.  FR8Connect addresses this issue through proving an online Marketplace in which you can search for carriers with trucks that are hot and ready to roll in your area of choice! 

The product rolls out in April of this years, I am pressuring my guys to complete it sooner, but we will see :-) 

Hope this helps I will send you some additional information and training on how to work with Carriers Direct so you will be prepared when the product hits the market! 

Thanks for being apart of our community Tina. 

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